With Magic Masala, you can have authentic fresh flavours of home cooking in minimal time and zero fuss. It’s cooking made easy.

Magic Masala is the original brainchild of my fabulous mother, Zebby. She’s so smart, she formulated this masala to ease cooking whilst juggling work and raising 5 kids.

We always had fresh, home cooked food no matter what. As we grew into adults we found ourselves regularly asking for a magic stash of our own. Following in her footsteps, as a busy working mum myself I can’t live without it and want to bring this to your kitchen for your ease. Hence Zebbys Magic Masala was born.

We’ve got you! With no peeling, prepping, blitzing or blending, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Why the name Zebby? Mums name is Zebbunisa (Ze-bun-eesa) her name was shortened to Zebby when she worked at a supermarket. I couldn’t formulate this masala without attributing the magic to my mum, Zebby.

Living busy lives we often find ourselves compromising on quality and taste to save time.
Ideal for experienced and new cooks, students and busy working parents.

All fresh using the finest ingredients, simply add to your
dishes and enjoy the magic!