21 August 2023

Keema Matar (Mince with Peas Curry)

9 August 2023

split red lentils curry

Lovely lentil dish packed with goodness
3 March 2023

Chicken and chickpeas

There is always a tin of chickpeas in the cupboard and by adding it the staple chicken curry recipe you’ve just bagged yourself some extra nutrition and protein.
3 March 2023

One pot Lamb Karahi

On days you have so much to do and need to spend as little time as possible by the stove. This is for you. A hearty, delicious lamb karahi that’s super easy to make and doesn’t compromise on flavour at all!
3 March 2023

Skinny Bean and Sweet Potato Stew

The best thing about MM is it’s so nutritious yet low in fat so it’s very easy to create healthy meals. This skinny bean and sweet potato stew tastes anything but skinny. Packed with flavour and veggies it’s an absolute delight with rice, jacket potatoes, chappati or flat bread. It’s even delicious in its own, it’s so tasty make sure you grab a big bowl, you’re going to need it!
3 March 2023

Chicken Curry

Quite possibly the most popular south Asian curry? And it’s no wonder why. There’s just something so comforting about a basic chicken curry that’s anything but basic. Mop it up with rice, chappati or naan and with Zebbys it’s fine in no time at all.
3 March 2023

Chicken and cauliflower

Taking the staple chicken curry and adding veg creates an altogether different dish. Keeping mealtimes healthy and nutritious. Try this delicious cauliflower and chicken recipe, a match made in heaven!
4 January 2023


Biryani is typically considered a pro chef dish! It seemingly appears to be one of those dishes that has endless ingredients and requires a decent level of skill to cook. Not anymore. Make the easiest biryani of your life with MM.